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Frog by sVa-BinaryStar
Another portrait gift for a friend!  This little guy was close to 30 years old before he passed and was another horse I knew a long time ago.  I can't believe I could even find his picture on my computer still.  Done for his owner for Christmas.  

There's still plenty of time to get an order in if you would like a portrait drawn!  Just send me a note or email me at

JayJay by sVa-BinaryStar
Sadly JayJay Jet Plane, the miniature in this drawing, suffered from a freak accident and had to be put down this passed week.  This drawing was a gift for the little girl who owned him and was given to her on her birthday.  A few days later, during her birthday party Jay was kicked in the leg breaking it through all the way.  The party was rushed inside while the vet was outside putting him down.  Such a freak chance of events and I'm just so glad we have pictures of him and now a portrait done of him, even though the little girl keeps it facing the wall right now because she can't bare to look at him.  This is why it's so important to have good pictures of our pets before they go, and even more special to have artwork done of them.  Keeps them with us a little longer.  

Commission work for a local friend.  This is her Miniature horse who has suffered from nerve damage in the face and is a rescue.  She's taken him in and teaching him to drive at the show level. He's super sweet and only 4 years old. So glad for people like that who take in unwanted animals and give them a second chance!  

By the way, if anyone else is interested in a portrait commission such as this, I am open!  Just send me a note, email me at or message me on my facebook page at Abigail Baines-Equine Artist.  Thanks guys!  Enjoy!

8x10 Graphite on paper
Holly by sVa-BinaryStar
This one has been in the works for a while, mostly because I've been super busy lately.  Also I decided to refinish my art desk in the middle of it so I put it to the side to finish the table as soon as possible.  Anyway, she's a sweet horse, another picture done for a friend of mine.  

Christmas is coming and I'm still wide open for commissions of any kind!!  Just send me a note, I still check dA frequently.  Or find me on    Stop in and say hi!  
Star Portrait by sVa-BinaryStar
Star Portrait
Portrait drawing of a friends horse.  I've been friends with this horse for around 9 years now, helped in some of his training and now 'horse sit' him when his owners go out of town.  He's no longer ridable after getting really sick a few years ago but he's a great pasture puppy.    

Still open for commissions!! 
Autumn's Racers by sVa-BinaryStar
Autumn's Racers
Finally finished!  The winner of the auction was Shatterglass-16  who requested 3 of her horse characters.  Good think I love brindle! :D   Thank you everyone for your support, this one was a lot of fun to do!  

Still no commissions for traditional work yet but I've been working on a few gift pieces.  My problem is I give my friends portraits of their horses and therefore lose paying customers because now they all already have freebies!! :XD:  O well, I need my art to make me a few dollars here and there art auction!!!  Yahoo!!   I don't do these much so if you want digital art from me done of your horse now's your chance!!  

This is going to be a nice detailed background and grayscale horse.  Winner will be able to choose mane and tail type.   I will update this as I work on it and the end time will be set once grayscale work and background are done.  In the mean time bidding may begin!  I request only paypal because I do not need dA points right now but I need grocery money more!   

Starting bid $30 USD-please increase by $5 or more

Open for Commissions!  Real USD only via paypal.   

Just Send a note with what you are wanting and I will give you a quote.  I like to average $15 and hour - should give you an idea to the price I will quote.       

Books are open and picture guaranteed to be complete within 3-4 weeks!  

Follow my WIPS, watch video clips, keep updated about commission openings!!  And just general horse art chat!  This site will be for my traditional works and getting to know you guys more on a personal level, I love talking to people, so if you like my page and if you ever leave comments, I'll respond!  Of course I do here as well-but over there, who knows, I might just have to friend you too! :D 

Abigail Baines-Equine Artist

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sVa-BinaryStar Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
So you're suggesting I shouldn't post my price at all?  Or that I should lower it all together?  Otherwise, I don't know what to charge.
Captured-In-Pencil Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Certianly not to lower it, you are very reasonable for what you offer. Again, it is just an opinion so I am by no means right, but my suggestion would be to have clearer pricing. Firstly, if I wanted you to draw my horse, I see you charge by the hour (or what you would "like to charge"), but there is no indication of how long a drawing would take. It also implies that the final cost could vary wildly depending on how long you spend on it.

I would strongly recommend a website (weebly is very easy to use and free). If someone is interested, they would like even just a rough idea of cost before they enquire. For example, if you were to price by size rather than by the hour, I would see what I would get for my money. It also shows that for a few pennies more I could get a larger size, and so might even spend a little more that intended.
sVa-BinaryStar Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
Ooook now I get what you were saying. The 'like to charge' was written in a comment I think, and just insinuates I'd shoot for getting $10 an hour but the 8x10 is set for $65, no increasing if I go over 6 hours or anything. The 'prices start at $65 means, the next paper size up is like $85, and so on. But I get what you mean it does seems like it says prices are subject to change. I was wondering if I shouldn't take that bit off completely and just gave people inquire about the price.

Anyway, thanks for chasing with me about this, I'm literally just getting started and have no outside input yet so I love your feedback!
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sVa-BinaryStar Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
Thanks for the advice! I was just at the local fair with some works and got to talk to a few people. Though I need to do more off that I know. Facebook page is up, need to do a website, poster and cards. Long way to go still!
Captured-In-Pencil Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahh, the fun of the business side of art :p
BlackGlassButterfly Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I miss you and I love you! I hope things are getting better for you! Talk to me any time. :heart:
dat-inu Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thanks a lot for the watch :dummy:
Arunava-Art Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for Fav. :D 
Astralseed Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
You've been featured here :) 
sVa-BinaryStar Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
Thanks hun!
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