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I'm working on the sketches!  I have 6 down, have to color them, I'll post them in groups of 10 just so there isn't an overload.  If anyone has extra time, you can vote daily! Here's your reminder! Go vote again! 

Hey guys! If any of you have ever cared about me and what I've been through and wondered how you could help-well now's your chance!!  My Pastor has been a critical part of my recovery and copping and now I've got a chance to help him!  He's joined a contest for the Runner's World Magazine to enter in a cover contest sharing his lifes story.  He's a health goo-roo, and has competed in the Boston Marathon a few years ago.  If he wins, he will be quoted in the magazine and his picture will be on the cover of the December magazine!  He's an awesome man, totally selfless and lives to serve others.  The image you would vote for is of him taking a run in Bolivia, South America, where my church has a sister church there we visit every year.  They serve the local poor community as well as run a school of 300 children, bring them up in a better environment than what the public school could give them.  This isn't about shining the spotlight on Pastor Dillon, in the least, but it's more about honoring a great man and shining light on the great need of the people of Bolivia-and all 3rd world countries for that matter.  

So follow the link-it takes 15 seconds and click vote at the top right hand.  You will have to have a twitter or facebook account to confirm you're a person. 

When you're vote has been cast-the vote box will be greyed out, and you won't be able to click it again. When you see this take a screen capture COMMENT to THIS journal-and the first 20 people to do so and can prove they voted will get a free sketchy headshot of their horse character!!  (OOOOooh boy I'm going to regret this!! :XD:


Click Link
Click Vote
Screen Cap 
Comment with cap


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