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Braydan Fan Stamp by sVa-BinaryStar

Braydan's Kaaring has been updated as of 10-9-12 according to the new rules in the Nordanner group

Next star at 120
Points earned by me: 76/100

Kaaring Points: 199
Quality Blood

Offspring:= 13

1. GFEC Primrose 1284
2. JK Born 2B Great #1232 :trophy: {3}
3.  sVa Little Lottie 1294 *{2}
4. KS Ari 1324
5.CDS Barathorgan 1356
6. HR Arlo 1481
7. 4387 Nikias
8. reserved for jossie
Grandfoals/Great Grandfoals of Notable Mention:
1. 1446 JK's Roman Beauty
2. 2011 CHS's Beautiful Illusion {2}
3. 2915 RvS Perak {2}
4> 3025 Inindra Snaehvit {2}
5. 3138 Under the Frosted Mistltoe {2}
6 4310 JK's Fallen Hero
7. 4495 Brimir
8. 4494 FWS Oblivion
9. 4339 Fimur

Reference:= 1

sVa Braydan 82-Excellent Blood by sVa-BinaryStar{1}

Partial body/Uncolored Art= 7.5

Braydan - Prize by Hathien603{0.5}3 in 1 by KonaKinz{0.5}
Brayden Headshot by joesse{0.5}Braydan Wink and Ear Wiggle by AJRyan22{0.5+2}
Somethings Different by sVa-BinaryStar{0.5}Christmas Carrot by AJRyan22{0.5+2}
sVa Braydan by sobreiros {0.5}

Fullbody:= 8

Braydan 82 Tag by sVa-BinaryStar{1}Love Bray by sVa-BinaryStar{1}
Braydan by Dollyrawr{1}Spring by sVa-BinaryStar{1}
Commission ~ Braydan by Paloway{1}Xmas in... by samuRAI-same{1}
sVa Braydan by bovidaeloony{1}Braydan Old Ref by sVa-BinaryStar{1}

Fullbody with background:= 66

Priceless by sVa-BinaryStar{2}Autumn Dawns by sVa-BinaryStar{2}
Just for Fun by sVa-BinaryStar{2}Meeting Milady by sVa-BinaryStar{2}
:thumb282339201:{2}Dragonfing by RebeccaStapp{2}
Braydan by feverpaint{2}{2}
Brayden 82 X Phantom 138 Breeding by joesse{2}Dreaming Awake by sVa-BinaryStar{2}
Starry Sky Friends by Dollyrawr{2}Kiss the Girl by KonaKinz{2}
Sunny Day Out by sVa-BinaryStar{2}your not from around here by BHSOS-Nordanner{2}
Family gallop by joesse{2}meet again by BHSOS-Nordanner{2}
Braydan Visits Again by BloodWolfsHowl{2}Moonlight Dancin' by AJRyan22{2}
Autumn Fun by AnimalArtKingdom{2}training one of the first's by BHSOS-Nordanner{2}
Braydan Breeding Bid by KonaKinz{2}Restless Days by Explicit-Violence{2}
Arrival by sVa-BinaryStar{2}Braydan by twilght-incantations{2}
Just Breathe by sVa-BinaryStar{2}We're Ok Boy by sVa-BinaryStar{2}
Autumn Walk by Jadedmooon{2}
Easy Going by sVa-BinaryStar{2}Braydan by SarahScala{2}
A New Dawn by sVa-BinaryStar{2+2}New Beginnings by sVa-BinaryStar{2+2}

Training Images & Dragon Tack Training:= 37

The Dragon Hunter by SarahScala{2+1}Nights Watch by sVa-BinaryStar{2+1}
sVa Brayden 82- Breeding tryout by joesse{2+1}But I like Stirrups... by kittykatscout{2+1}
Training  Braydan (Breeding Bid) by BloodWolfsHowl{2+1}sVa Braydan 82 mlpish style by AhernStables{1+1}
The Abandoned Castle .:Commission:. by shshgr{2+1}Bray Trot Progression by sVa-BinaryStar{3+3+3}
Braydan's SDS Training by sVa-BinaryStar{2+1}:thumb348310847:{1+1}
The Pit by sVa-BinaryStar{2+1}

Show Entries:= 43.5

Illumination by sVa-BinaryStar{2+1}Rise With the Sun by kittykatscout{2+1}
Late Night Liberty by sVa-BinaryStar{2+1}Trot Out the Ladies by sVa-BinaryStar{2+1}
Braydan 82 Dressage by HockeyFilly58{0.5+1}Sweet Potato by sVa-BinaryStar{0.5+1}
Braydan Time by sVa-BinaryStar{0.5+1}Braydan Liberty by sVa-BinaryStar{0.5+1}
Sweet Bray by sVa-BinaryStar{0.5+1}Bray by sVa-BinaryStar{0.5+1}
A Classic by sVa-BinaryStar{0.5+1}Glow and Glitter by sVa-BinaryStar {2+1}
Classic Pair by sVa-BinaryStar{2+1}Braydan - RWS First Annual Opening Show by cheddarbug{2+1}
Braydan - AS Stables Weekly Mini Show: Week 9 by cheddarbug{2+1}Braydan - WS Spring Mini Event by cheddarbug{2+1}
Dancing Bray by sVa-BinaryStar{2+1}Reach for the Skies! by Zandromina{2+1}

Show Placings:= 23

Flying Feathers Light Show-Halter-1st place+3 & Viewers Choice Award+1={ 4}
Spring Forward Mini Show-Results -Liberty-2nd place+2={ 2}
Windfall Mini Show- Halter-3rd place +1,
Liberty-3rd place +1= {2}
Run By Number Liberty Show #1-Liberty - 3rd +1 = {1}
EWS Spring Time Fun Mini Show- Dressage 10th place-+0.5= {0.5}
Mini Event-Halloween-Liberty 1st place={3}
SDS Dressage Summer Event-Class 4 Dressage-16th place ={ 0.5}
Sketch Mini Show-Lliberty- 5th place= {0.5}
Nightingale's Night Time Star Show-Dressage- 2nd place={2}
AS Stables Weekly Mini Show-Halter-1st place={3}
WS Spring Mini Event-Dressage-2nd place={2}
On Going Mini Event-5th Place-={0.5}
AS Stables Weekly Mini Show Jumping- 3rd place {1}
Color Theme Show Halter- 3rd place= {1{

Spring Forward Mini Show - 2nd by crazykate1
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Explicit-Violence Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013
Braydan had been one of my favorite Nordanners for a long time, and I finely got around to do some fan art for him :) [link] :heart:
KonaKinz Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome!! CONGRATTS! Let me know if you will be accepting breeding tradea again. :)
Rina-glxy Featured By Owner May 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Congratulations! :la: you get 10 breedings sopt after 200 though lol
sVa-BinaryStar Featured By Owner May 23, 2012
Ah ok thanks!
feverpaint Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Wow congratulatons! I'm glad you commissioned me, he was a pleasure to draw :D
sVa-BinaryStar Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
Yes! Your picture is well known in the Nordanner group now, in the feature folder! :D Thank you so much!
feverpaint Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Wow really?! That's great! :D Aw your welcome, it was a pleasure!
SarahScala Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Never really took heed of this Nordy stuff, it's basically, Draw more = more points = More stars & Better Stats?
sVa-BinaryStar Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012
If you want it to be like that, some people do, then yes. But, it's basically a more indepth horse-art-role play game where you are rewarded with points for creating art of your horse and thus your horse is more known. Some people take it seriously and do nice art to 'lvl' their horse, others do quick things just for the points. Really you can do this method with any role playing horse character. The Nordanner founder was just the first to put it to sue and organize it with these rules and regulations.

For me I see it as, draw more=better art=better artist & a well known horse.
SarahScala Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fair enough, I like your way, I don't paticually like these spam pages of Chibis for points, seems daft, I've never played a horse RP game like this before, I thought I might try and see how it goes, might be lots of fun. And if I start to neglect the horse I can always pass it on ^.^

We shall see how it goes ^.^
sVa-BinaryStar Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012
Yeah I don't either, though I might be guilty of throwing in a few half caring mini event entries. Not going to put a lot of effort into something that will be judged by random rolls. You can always design a real breed horse, or get a breeding from a different breed. It's only the Nordanner breed that is this up tight. All other breeds you can usually just ask for a breeding and you get it.
SarahScala Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nordanner Seems to be the main game at the moment, so I'll try this for now, If I don't get on I can always try the less up tight ones ^.^
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