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sVa Breeding Rules and Nordanner Rules

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 14, 2011, 2:41 PM

If you are looking to request a breeding to a Nordanner, please refer to the horses reference to see if it is open for breeding.  None of my Nordanners are open to the public unless there is a running breeding auction open.  In which case there will be a journal about that.

Nordanner Breeding Rules


You are required to draw a full body full background breeding image-even if it was a raffle breeding slot, gift slot, trade slot, sale slotect.
----You may not reuse a background or lines from anywhere else.

:bulletblack: You must NOTIFY me within 7 days of completing the foal design and uploading it to dA.  

:bulletblack: The foals ref must be completed 14 days after being accepted by the Nordanner group and you must NOTIFY me when the ref is complete.

:bulletblack: Please alert me if you wish to sell the foal, I would like first chance to buy it (within reason) but I will also note it's not likely I will buy it so don't be afraid to sell them, I don't mind I just want to have the option of buying it.


You may not use a breeding "just to sell the foal."  Meaning breed the foal then sell it immediately for points or art for yourself.  You breed to my horses because you want to keep the foal-not to make yourself points.

If you do such things I will never grant you a breeding slot again.

These rules are for my other non-Nordanner horses.

You MUST send your request via  note     otherwise I will see you did not read my breeding rules.

Include in your note:

a)Which Shekinah Valley horse you are requesting to lease for breeding

b.) A link to the horses reference and information you wish to breed with.

I prefer breeding requests to be a tad more formal than just "Can I breed my mare to your stallion?"  I wont deny these requests but here's a little more when I'm looking for-

Greetings Shekinah Valley!  
We are RRR Ranch would like to request a breeding to your fine stallion Dr.Jones with our mare, Sassy Joe.  Enclosed is her reference picture and all her information we hope you find in order.  We are looking to produce a strong flanked foal to excel in reining classes.  Thank you for your time and consideration!
RRR Ranch

:bulletblack:Shekinah Valley will then note you back with the go ahead (if your horse meets requirements) and you may then do the breeding picture.  

:bulletblack:The breeding picture must include the sVa horse and selected horse; headshots or full body, no background is required (but is nice) With a few selected horses, you might be asked to do full body pictures, the price for some of our more popular horses.

:bulletblack:When creating the foal you MUST keep the parents genetics in mind.

:bulletblack:When you have created the foal, this is when it's "born" and please note us back informing us of it's birth so we can update our records.  This is when the foal will be listed under the parent and it gives some feature to your horse having it in this list.

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GreenlandRMR Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012
Okay to be even more annoying, what is the chances that you'd be able to design foal? Or do you prefer if we do it our selves?
sVa-BinaryStar Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012
I could do that, yes.
Animalfan101 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
I wanna bred this stallion [link] with my mare,[link]
sVa-BinaryStar Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2011
He is closed for breeding. And please read the rules next time.
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July 14, 2011